THE NEW REAR Suspension Platform Ready to Shake Up the Industry

The R3ACT 2PLAY suspension system from Naild works literally, from the ground up to create a performance “beyond the bounds” of current genre-specific bikes. No longer does travel dictate discipline. The key to the system’s sensitivity and pedaling efficiency starts deep within the core kinematic structure. It allows impact energy to flow in such a manner that the markedly undamped shock moves freely when the rear wheel encounters trail obstacles. While putting energy into the drive loads, the design’s mechanical pedal platform enables the bike to be designed without the need for overly tuned shocks to create pedal stabilization.




The NAILD R3ACT is a suspension that brings new levels of comfort, control and efficiency to a range of categories where current designs don't perform well. The patented R3ACT System preserves the rider's energy by acting like a rigid fork on smooth terrain. Once a structure is encountered (potholes, bumps) the rider’s weight reacts on the handlebars (Newton's 3rd Law) activating the system. Now fully active, R3ACT can track the terrain maintaining wheel contact with minimal loss in forward momentum. The system combines travel from above and below the frame, geometry and tire contact remain constant throughout resulting in improved handling, braking and control while reducing fatigue.


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