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AILD R3ACT 2PLAY Rear Suspension Platform Ready to Shake Up the Industry


Vancouver, WA: Like other departures from orthodox practices, Darrell Voss and the crew at NAILD have been anxiously awaiting the release of their new R3ACT – 2PLAY suspension system. For NAILD however, the tongue biting and devilish smirks are far from over, as the masses begin to investigate, speculate and enjoy. Founder, president and 35‑year bike industry veteran, Darrell Voss is a complicated man with a simple vision, “I just want to get more butts on bikes,” Voss began, “We’ve been looking through tinted glass at the way we perceive good suspension. Some view sophisticated shocks and loads of damping as the key to a good performing bike. We’ve found that when you free the system from damping friction and instead rely on kinematic design you can create a bike that is exponentially more efficient, up and down the mountain.

The R3volution

Paying homage to Newton’s 3rd law ‑ every action has an equal and opposite reaction ‑ NAILD worked literally, from the ground up to create a system that
performs beyond the bounds of current genre‑specific bikes. In this new paradigm, travel no longer dictates discipline. The key to the system’s sensitivity and pedaling efficiency starts deep within the core kinematic structure. It allows impact energy to flow in a manner that the markedly undamped shock moves freely when the rear wheel encounters trail obstacles. Additionally, the design's mechanical pedal platform addresses drive loads so there's no need for overly tuned shocks to create pedal stabilization.

The real attention grabber when looking at a R3ACT‑equipped bike for the first time is the mono‑stay. By employing this design, NAILD is able to finely tune ride stiffness while also giving the frame designer the flexibility to build geometry without compromises. Short stays and plenty of clearance aren’t the only benefits to tout. The mono‑stay is elevated out of the way of tall rocks looking to gouge the sides of your chainstays as you navigate narrow trails. And the days of worrying about chain suck damaging the thin tubing of your rear triangle are distant memories. Once you look past the structure of the mono‑stay you may think the design shares some visual cues with other designs. But there are significant differences. An integral sliding stanchion within the mono‑stay enhances frame stiffness and connects the front and rear frame structures. While some four‑bar designs share similarities, the R3ACT system goes its own way by placing the secondary link below the primary link. This link placement works in unison with the finely tuned kinematics to offer a pedaling sensation unlike any other platform on the market while providing downhill confidence that a pedal‑friendly bike has never before achieved.

NAILD has been in the lab and on the trails developing the R3ACT system for several years and while the stats, charts and diagrams may quench the tech‑geeks thirst for understanding, Darrell Voss wants to change the conversation. “If I were to explain every minute detail of design or how the kinematics were tweaked, would that change your perception? I want to eliminate all this tech talk and keep it about riding. The industry has been so caught up in marketing acronyms and not wanting to miss the next wheel size variation that suspension design has stagnated and we’ve forgotten how good it feels just to ride.”

The avant‑garde approach Voss and the NAILD team are striving for is to take mountain biking into the future while also returning to our cherished roots. Vostro, NAILD’s structures and materials division, clearly show the future‑focused side of NAILD. The design and the technologies used in the mono‑stay, sliding stanchion mechanism and unique kinematics support that. The true goal however is to take all the latest NAILD innovations and return mountain bikes to their do‑it‑all roots. “At one point in time I only had a mountain bike,” Voss explained. “I didn’t figure out where I was riding and then decide which bike I was going to take, I had one bike, and it did everything.”

The Ride
The R3ACT platform is now a reality and those who have ridden it are converted believers. NAILD refers to bikes equipped with R3ACT as ground tracing devices. Taking Newton’s 3rd law quite literally, NAILD created a bike that reacts effortlessly and instantly to terrain beneath it while also harnessing that energy into the opposite reaction by returning the wheel back to the ground as quickly as it left. NAILD relies on kinematics to get the wheel out of the way but also allows the wheel to follow the backside of obstacles, accelerating the rider down the trail. The philosophy has been proven as test riders all noted the smooth and supple feel was unlike anything they’d ever experienced before. Some riders expressed the climbing sensation to that of being on an escalator. The harder they pressed into the pedals the more they were met with smooth acceleration. It confused XC racers and enduro riders equally as the efficiency felt similar to a firm short travel bike yet the sensitivity and traction were on par with something coil sprung. Once the riders pointed the bikes downhill their eyes were wide and their smiles wider. Traction, suppleness and confidence were quoted as being on par to a DH‑bike and confusing
as to how the same bike just dropped a legitimate downhill section after being pedaled up with ease. Not wanting to sacrifice efficiency for downhill capability, Voss labored to create a unique design that inspires downhill confidence yet doesn’t wallow, bob or sag as you pedal. Voss shared, “I want to improve the human experience and use every bit of energy to propel the rider forward. I wanted to extend every rider’s range and capability by giving them a bike to tackle it all.”

NAILD is firmly committed to creating an experience, not a product. So far everyone who has ridden the R3ACT 2PLAY system has had an experience unlike any before it. You can expect to throw all your preconceived notions out the window as this category‑destroying platform will have you questioning current bike designations. When efficiency can truly be blended with big hit capability the real winner is the rider. NAILD has created a design that lets people head out on a road trip and ride the Whole Enchilada in Moab, pedal their asses off in Sedona and then session lift laps all on one bike! “I want to capture the afterglow that I’ve seen on so many rider’s faces after one of those rides,” Voss continues, “All the recent offerings out there have been pixie dust mixed with marketing jargon and with R3ACT 2PLAY, it stops.”

NAILD is the brainchild of bike industry veteran Darrell Voss, "NAILD was created to fill the need for well thought out, high quality products that cyclists could trust. With R3ACT 2PLAY the hard work has been done. We hope to offer brands a complete rear assembly that we’ve worked tirelessly to create,” said Mr. Voss.

Mr. Voss began his career competing in sprint events like BMX, and Velodrome racing then transitioned to mountain bike and longer road events. In the mid 80’s Mr. Voss started working with Kool‑Stop and in 1989 he moved to Klein bicycles where he spent a total of 10 years. During that time he published many patents and helped establish Klein's image for innovation by pioneering hydro‑formed aluminum tubes, tapered steerers, integrated bearings, internal cable routing and super light carbon forks and bars. 

Most recently Mr. Voss has been involved with SR Suntour where he supports their global product initiatives as well as their North American business unit.





For more information contact:

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