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Naild R3ACT Suspension System Literally Follows a Different Path

Vancouver, WA: Even if you slept through high school physics, you likely know Newton's 3rd law which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That's the principle that NAILD founder Darrell Voss applied in creating the NAILD R3ACT Suspension System. Even the name R3ACT, with its "3" indicating Newton's 3rd law, provides a clue that this is a complete departure from existing suspension designs. And it is this concept of action and reaction that promises to forever change the way suspension is thought of and where it is applied.


"I've been thinking about a different approach to suspension for a long time", stated Mr. Voss. "Bicycles are very efficient with human input generally residing above 93% output to the ground. But human output is relatively small at around 5 watts per Kg. So anytime the wheels lose contact with the ground or are put under compression loads there will be losses - loss of control, braking, speed, etc., which requires energy to overcome. The individual losses may be small on individual events but they are significant, especially over time. The breakthrough of the R3ACT System is that it allows the wheel to trace the ground for a more balanced contact that minimizes loss in forward momentum. And that's the key, preserving as much of the rider's energy as possible. Bumps, potholes, chip sealed roads, expansion cracks, railroad crossings; all these small events rob precious energy hurting efficiency and eventually slowing you down and tiring you out. Saving energy benefits all riders from top level racers to casual cyclists."


Drew Rhode, Senior Editor for Decline Magazine had a chance to test the R3ACT System recently. The R3ACT System was mounted to a flat bar road bike and Drew was told to "just go ride it anywhere you like." With an open invitation like that, Drew put the system to the test seeking out situations where one wouldn't normally think of taking a road bike. Upon return he had this to say, "Having suspension work when you need it while remaining stiff when you don't was a bit of a mind-trick. Hard efforts remained snappy and efficient yet rough roads, construction zones and dirt roads became some of the best parts of the ride. This bike is going to tear down the tape for riders who are open to adventuring beyond the pavement."


Other who've ridden the system have commented, "There is no feeling of slowing down as the suspension soaks up hits." "There's a sensation of floating over the terrain at a constant rate of speed with no loss in forward momentum. There's still the tactile feeling of being connected to the ground but it's noticeably smoother and faster."


Indeed, the R3ACT System acts like a rigid fork on smooth terrain preserving the rider's energy while the R3ACT System's unique stem arrangement is designed to filter out small vibrations and road buzz. When rough terrain is encountered, i.e., potholes, bumps, railroad crossings, etc., the rider's weight naturally applies pressure on the handlebars activating the R3ACT System. Now fully active, the integrated handlebar/stem/frame/fork system moves freely allowing the wheel to trace the terrain maintaining contact with minimal loss in forward momentum.


The first iteration of the R3ACT System features 60mm of travel making it a perfect fit for the fast growing gravel grinder segment of the market. But the potential for R3ACT goes much further as the benefits of increased comfort, control and efficiency appeal to all cyclists. "Initially, the main focus for R3ACT will be on road and gravel bike categories", said Mr. Voss. "I also think the R3ACT System is well suited for endurance events. Triathletes are generally early adopters when it comes to something that uses energy more efficiently and are less concerned about culture and tradition. I can see R3ACT as benefiting recreational cyclists, someone who wants comfort coupled with performance to extend their riding time and enjoyment. It would be great if R3ACT can be a part of inspiring people to ride more and longer making cycling a bigger part of their lives."


About NAILD: NAILD is the brainchild of bike industry veteran Darrell Voss, "NAILD was created to fill the need for well thought out, high quality products that cyclists could trust to simply work without a lot of fuss. Our goal at NAILD is to create designs that are simple, intuitive and durable providing cyclists with products they will find useful and trustworthy in the long run", said Mr. Voss. 


Mr. Voss began his career competing in sprint events like BMX, and Velodrome racing then transitioned to mountain bike and longer road events. In the mid 80’s Mr. Voss started working with Kool-Stop and in 1989 he moved to Klein bicycles where he spent a total of 10 years. During that time he published many patents and helped establish Klein's image for innovation by pioneering hydroformed aluminum, tapered steerers, integrated bearings internal cable routing and super light carbon forks and bars. 


Most recently Mr. Voss has been involved with SR Suntour where he supports their global product initiatives as well as their North American business unit.





For more information contact:

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