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Darrell Voss                                                                                                


 Naild Introduces Innovative Thru-Axle Quick Release System



Vancouver, WA: The NAILD 12­-3-­9 System is a new and innovative, fully integrated hub/frame/fork quick release thru-axle system that makes correct installation reliable and repeatable. The 12-3-9 System reflects NAILD's philosophy of making cycling more fun and accessible to riders of all abilities by creating components that are thoughtfully designed, trustworthy and easy to use. 


Current quick release systems were designed for convenience and/or better stiffness and security. While these systems do what they were designed to do, both require a fairly high level of knowledge and mechanical aptitude to be used properly. In short, they are not very user friendly. Worse, in the hands of inexperienced users, they can be improperly installed creating a dangerous situation. It is clear there is a need for a system that is simple, intuitive, repeatable and difficult to use incorrectly. That system is the NAILD 12-­3-­9 System.


According to NAILD president and founder Darrell Voss, "We've been working on this system for over 4 years now. When we started there were very few road bikes with disc brakes. Today disc brakes are growing into every category. A traditional open dropout frame/fork assembly was not designed for the load path of a disc brake. If the wheel is not correctly positioned or moves within the frame/fork assembly with the quick release improperly tightened, there's the potential for the brake rotor to become misaligned.  This leads to the possibility of the assembly getting damaged. Additionally, if the rotor becomes hot from, say a long descent, the misaligned rotor could also potentially damage the system".  


 "We chose the 12, 3 and 9 positions of a clock because it's a universal reference that anyone anywhere can understand. It also ensures that the lever ends up in what is generally accepted as the correct position for a closed quick release lever", said Mr. Voss. "Bikes with disc brakes are selling at all price points, even well under $1,000, so there’s a need for a very easy system that folks buying a sub-$1000 bike are able to use easily and properly 100% of the time.”


The system, called "Ingeniously simple and quick", by,  has been carefully designed so that it can only be installed correctly and features built-­in go/no­-go indicators at every step to help ensure proper installation while minimizing the likelihood of partial installation where the wheel could become loose. Once properly set up, the 12-­3-­9 System is fast, stable and repeatable. Additional security is provided by a color coded LOCIT trigger that prevents the lever from opening unless the LOCIT is deliberately depressed while opening the lever. Bike Rumor recently commented, "Basically, there’s no way to install this improperly, no way for it to accidentally open, and no way your wheel can come loose while riding."


 The 12-­3-­9 System components are constructed of high quality, forged parts for greater strength and durability. Plastic is only used in noncritical areas, mainly for protection of critical parts. Each component of the system is cleanly executed with ergonomically designed shapes and colors that help intuitively guide users toward proper installation and use. The weight and cost of the 12­-3­-9 System is in line with competing systems currently available.


About NAILD: The brainchild of bike industry veteran Darrell Voss, "NAILD was created to fill the need for well thought out, high quality products that cyclists could trust to simply work without a lot of fuss. Our goal at NAILD is to create designs that are simple, intuitive and durable providing cyclists with products they can trust", said Mr. Voss.  


Mr. Voss began his career racing BMX and Velodrome racing in the late 1970’s and started working with Kool-Stop in 1984. In 1989 Mr. Voss moved to Klein bicycles where he spent a total of 10 years building the Klein brand producing a number of patents along the way. Most recently Mr. Voss has been involved with SR Suntour where he supports their global product initiatives as well as their North American business unit. 




For more information contact:

Darrell Voss, NAILD President

PO Box 119

Vancouver, WA 98666